How to unlock princess Peach in Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run has already been officially launched in Google Play, and although it has not been without controversy, what is certain is that is being downloaded. The fact you can play with Super Mario in our smartphone is something that attracts both new users as well as nostalgic, but not only can you play with Mario! If you know the saga of Super Mario will know that there are several characters, which include the well-known Princess Peach.

This princess is the excuse the game itself, since the mission of Super Mario is to rescue Peach from the hands of Bowser to eat the cake that she had promised in a letter. In Super Mario Run it is possible to play with princess Peach, although this is not something exactly easy. We teach you how to.

How to get to princess Peach in Super Mario Run


Our co-iPadizate, have been able to play Super Mario Run for much longer that we, we have explained it. If you want to unlock the Princess Peach in the new game of Nintendo you have to successfully complete the 24 levels in 6 worlds. In the last level fail recover the princess, and will automatically become a playable character.

What does that mean? That, as you are thinking, you have to buy the full game to unlock the princess. That involves having to pay the 10 euros, that will depend on you, since the game, although what you pay, you pass it in a couple of hours. If you decide to do, you might be interested to know that princess Peach has a unique ability, that allows you to plan for a few seconds, something interesting enough to get more coins.

If you do not yet know Super Mario Run and want to give it a chance, keep in mind that it is a game that can be downloaded for free in Google Play. If then you want to unlock all the content you’ll pass by the box.

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