How to uninstall applications the factory of a Samsung Galaxy

Cajon de aplicaciones Galaxy S7

a long time Ago that I have explained how to delete the pre-installed applications on Android without root but now has been born from Google Play a specific application for the Samsung Galaxy.

The truth is that Samsung and its TouchWiz interface are well-known for harboring a fair amount of bloatware, although in its latest version (the one that leads the Galaxy S7) have left things just as important as the Music application and some more applications. To me personally I do not dislike the customization of TouchWiz and I’ve even learned to love it.

Package Disabler, to delete pre-installed applications on the Samsung Galaxy

The community of Android developers is working to fire to produce useful applications for the users and as the Samsung Galaxy are mobile so sold have been manufactured with a specific application to the mobile from Samsung that allows you to remove the bloatware.

The app is called Package Disabler Pro allows you to remove the bloatware installed on any Samsung Galaxy without need for root or anything. Yes, you will disable it as the previous process but the good thing is that you will do everything from a single interface, and automatically.

Package Disabler will give you a list of all the applications of bloatware on your mobile (even the detected automatically), and you can select which ones you want to delete, and what not. If that is not enough, it also lets you create a selection and save it to be able to always use it to apply a factory reset to your mobile phone or when you decide to change phone for a different model.

This application also lets you restore the bloatware from the same for if you have deleted some apps later need it. Obviously the reality is that the app is useful and if you are going to delete a lot of apps will save you a few minutes to process the problem is that cost 1.29 and you’ll have to see if it really compensates pay for something as well.

WP-Appbox: Package Disabler Pro [Samsung] (1,68 $, Google Play) →

yes, keep in mind that this application is not official from Samsung but a developer third party that has created this application for all Samsung Galaxy. The application is compatible with all the Galaxy, even with a Galaxy S2 or Galaxy S3 because it works from Android 2.3.

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