How to turn off LED notifications in Marshmallow

Today we are going to tell you how to turn off the LED notifications in Marshmallow. Surely you have seen that your terminal has a LED which show certain colors depending on the notification that you receive (WhatsApp normally is green and Facebook blue), although that might have it configured as you want it to. What is clear, is that it is one of the attractive functionalities that we have in the mobile. There are rumours that say that by removing it you save more battery (I haven’t noticed), but if you want to try we encourage you to try it.

Activar LED en Moto G con Android 6.0

Disable LED notifications in Marshmallow

By default, if your smartphone has a LED comes on. So you will get a light that indicates an incoming message. If you want to remove it completely, you’ll be able to disable LED notifications in Marshmallow and without root. You’ll be able to do it directly from the mobile, without the need to install any app larger.

These are the steps to continue:

Grab your smartphone and comes in > Settings > Display > notification LED (to activate). From here you can set the various colors you want to display. If you have a Samsung, just check it and the option appears. Also in a Moto G. the Nexus 6S I get because I have Nougat and I can’t find it. But it is proof that you should generally be willing to serve.

do Not disable the LED notifications, it’s great

we love to know that we have a new notification. I don’t have to unlock the phone to see if there is, because the light already told me.

But if you have a Marshmallow (with your layer of customization change and the option is not in the menu screen), you’ll be able to turn it off if you want to. Remember to look good for the section of the screen, because if it is not there, is in a similar.

If you do not it has worked, leave us a comment that we help you without problem. Have you gotten disable LED notifications in Marshmallow?

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