How to sync Google Fit and Pokémon and Go for the steps you have without opening the game

The last update of Pokémon Go allows you to count the steps you’ve taken throughout the day, after sync Google Fit . Thanks to this collaboration, you will not have to open the Pokémon Go while you walk to incubate eggs and get candy, so the game will work in the background. Below we will tell you how to do this with an Android device, it’s quick and easy.

Sincroaventura is the name that has the new feature of Pokémon Go for the game to run in the background. If you have an Android phone, then here’s how to link Pokémon Go with Google Fit.

How to set up Pokémon Go in for your Android mobile phone to count your steps

  1. Go to the Options Pokémon Go.

2. When you’re within the options, scroll down until you see the function that says Sincroaventura. Here is where you have to dial to start the synchronization process.

3. You will see a message that says “ o Activate Sincroventura! Let the Pokémon Go count your steps while the game is closed to help hatch your Eggs and get More candy”“, you have to click on where it says “IActivate!” to be able to continue.

4. Select your Google account Fit for begin synchronization. From now on, the tool of Google will count your steps, and routes within Pokémon Go.

5. Allows the application of Pokémon Go to see the location data stored in Google Fit.

After you perform all the steps that you mentioned above, Pokémon Go will be running in the background. This means that the game does not you will spend a lot of battery, so that you’ll be able to go through all the distances you want.

in case outside little, it is checked whether the distance traveled is enough to hatch an egg or get a caramel. Without a doubt, the ideal function for all those Pokémon trainers that were looking to do this within the game.

Eye, it is necessary to emphasize that this function is only available for players from level 5 onwards. If you are a lower level than 5, Sincroaventura will not be available in your settings.

No one can deny that Pokémon Go is one of the mobile games more relevant in the story. The constant updates reflect a hard work of the company in order to continue to be among the preferences of the consumers of games. In addition, combination with Google Fit makes clear the importance of Pokémon, Go to the company gives the big G.