How to switch from iOS to Android quick and easy

¿you Have iOS and you’re sick and tired of paying so much for a mobile? Quiet, you in Android we will be able to provide you wonder. As you know, we have a wide variety of models available for less than 100 euros but also for more than 600 euros, so you can pick always the phone that you want. So if you’ve decided to make the jump to Android and you are lost, we are going to tell you how to switch from iOS to Android quick and easy.

There are many people that having an iPhone want to try an Android. But neither is it plan which is to lose absolutely everything he had, and that’s why we’re going to talk to you about a trick to not lose a thing despite change of operating system.


How to switch from iOS to Android quick and easy

If you don’t have patience or much knowledge, this is perfect for you. Is the fastest way to go from iOS to Android. How? Using Google Drive. The guys at Google think of everything, and now that they have launched the Pixel I agree that most users that bought an iPhone now buy a Pixel. To change, this process switch from iOS to Android is easier than ever.

This is possible with the latest update of Google Drive for iOS. It comes with a function that allows you to dump the data to the cloud and hence, to your Android smartphone. Having these data in the cloud, you’re going to be able to bring the iPhone to the Android smartphone in a matter of minutes (how long it takes to sync). It is as easy as making a backup of everything that you have on the iPhone.

From the moment check the option to migrate to an Android phone in your Google Drive, only you are going to have to keep the iPhone connected to power and Wifi, because you’re going to need an Internet connection and so do not spend mobile data (because the backup still will take time).

Your data will be saved in the Drive, you will only have to restore them

If you’ve already made your backup and you take your Android device, you will already have all the information with only access to the Drive (which should come preinstalled). This will take more or less depending on the volume of data that you have saved on your device iPhone or iPad.

Is the way quicker and more comfortable that we have today available, so you no longer have an excuse to say “nor change the mobile because I don’t want to lose the data“. With this trick, you’ll be able to switch from iOS to Android quick and easy.

What do you think? Do you dare to take the leap?

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