How to silence the notifications from your contacts or groups of WhatsApp

Since WhatsApp was updated, and integrated function power mute groups or notifications, the users have taken the task of silencing all that much the worse and it is something I have been grateful since, how we are all touched by a user or a group annoying in WhatsApp not? however, it was something that updates ago you couldn’t do. Although, there are many people who do not know how to do this and today we’re going to explain to you how to silence all that heavy that you have on your mobile.

however, you can also mute groups that will fill the mobile notifications, and the truth, are sometimes inconvenient. Mute chats for individual or groups is simple that you’ll be able to do just follow these steps.

With these steps, you can mute the notifications for a contact on WhatsApp

Silenciar a un contacto de WhatsApp capturas

  • Open WhatsApp and look for the contact annoying you want to mute.
  • Then open your profile and at the bottom look for the section “Mute”
  • After pressing it will open a window “Silence for…”.
  • Here we have to select how long you want to silence the people, you have options of 8 hours, a week or a year.
  • Below the setting of the time, a box will appear selected “show notifications”, if we want that we don’t display the notifications, you just have to uncheck the box (if you do not, you will appear as a notification but no tone).
  • once you’ve decided which of the two steps above, press “Ok” and you’ll see that the adjustment will appear on, and you’ll notice also the date that will last the silence.
  • Then if we want to disable, just have to press the switch to “Mute” and ready. how Easy not?

With these few simple steps will kick any person annoying you on WhatsApp. But if your case is one of a group that is touching noses, also you have the solution.

How to mute notifications from a group of WhatsApp

In this case, we will do the same thing that we do when we mute a contact.

silenciar un grupo de WhatsApp

  • we Opened the group and we go to the menu located at the top right (the three points).
  • will appear in a tab, and click on “Mute”.
  • Then we’ll find another window where we will see the time that we want to silence the group.
  • After that we decided the time we “Ok”. Although, if you do not want to receive notifications, you remember uncheck the box before you give the Ok.
  • To change this setting, you just have to go to the menu and press “unmute”.

Are very simple steps to give a stop to all those pesky clumps that you have on your WhatsApp. In the event that you want to silence all of the groups for always, we have other steps for you.

Mutes all groups on WhatsApp to always

to be able To mute all groups indefinitely, and there is also a method.

Silenciar un grupo para siempre

  • once you are on the list of chats, we’ll go to “Settings”
  • Then click on “Notifications”
  • , we will Look for section “Notifications group”
  • In the “notification Ringtone”, mark “None.”
  • Then, in Vibrate press “Off”

ajustes de notificaciones

After you complete these steps, the groups automatically will sound on your mobile phone, but yes, we will see the notifications. We hope that this tutorial will be useful to get your WhatsApp to all those people or groups that will put you in the nerves. On the other hand WhatsApp has just launched a new update for pin chats as a Telegram if you did not know here I leave the information.

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