How to share screenshots with Now on Tap

compartir captura de pantalla now on tap

¿you Know that share screenshot with Now on Tap is faster than you can do? Now on Tap for Android has simplified this step, and now we will be able to do in just 2 directly from this new functionality. If you don’t believe it, keep reading, because you’ll see how to share screen shots faster than ever before. We tell you the secret:

Share screenshot with Now on Tap

do you Have Now on Tap? Do you want to squeeze it to the maximum? Now, to share screenshots, you will have to perform 2 steps instead of 3. How does it work? With this new sharing option to perform a screen capture will appear directly list of contacts and apps to send the trap. We will have to do the following:

compartir captura pantalla now on tap

  • Press long on the Home button to activate Now on Tap and we click on share (new functionality that we see in the icon to the left).
  • Will trigger the capture and we will get a list to select the user or application to send the trap (image 3).

The good part/bad to many users, is that with this method not saved the capture on the device. This is a feature designed to share screenshots, not to quedárnoslas. The good thing is that we do not fill the device useless catches in many cases, and the bad, is that if we want to we may not be able to do this because we will lose it, but we can always resort to the method of entire life or save it directly when we send it to our contact.

How do I get the new stuff from Now on Tap?

I’m afraid that is now impossible, since is not available in English. In these moments only devices that are in English can enjoy the new Now on Tap in Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The rest of us are forced to wait, because if you have Marshmallow, you’ll see that you still can’t enjoy it regardless of your version.

What do you think of the new? Do you already know how to share screenshot with Now on Tap?

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