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the Droids we love the GIFs, and now that we can use Google Allo as an alternative to WhatsApp to communicate, you sure you want to know how to send GIFs in Allo. If you have already tried the app, it is possible that at the beginning you will not get much or how to use it. But you sure know to start a conversation with your contacts without any problem.

As you can see, the stickers Google Allo are great, but not only you’ll be able to put these fun macaques but also, send GIFs to your contacts.

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How to send GIFs in Allo

first of all, we want to tell you that this way to send GIFs in Allo is a little tentative. Let’s say that, for now, these GIFs should be in the gallery to be able to use them. If you are not in the gallery, you will not be able to use them, not play. Come on, you need a dose of extra space to handle these files in the application.

With photos and videos passed something different. Let’s say that all the photos and videos you share on Allo, are saved in the Google cloud Allo. But the GIFs, to be something external, it still does not work as well. You’ll have to have them in the gallery.

The natural way to send GIFs in Allo right now is going to the Internet, downloading a GIF, saving it in the gallery of the mobile and putting it in Allo. Your friend will need to save it if you want to use it then.

we Hope to have the cloud to GIFs soon

we Demand a cloud for GIFs on Google Allo! Or else, we will have to be a time without them. Nor is it anything of the other world.

is The most effective solution use a app type Giphy. This we leave to your choice, because it is a little roll for having to use apps outside… it is more convenient to go to the gallery of mobile and search for GIFs downloaded, if you have them.

we Hope that you have served!

we’ll let You know if you add the GIFs in-house.

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