How to send a message by WhatsApp from my PC

WhatsApp has hundreds of functions that are unknown to hundreds of users. But among the most important and at the general level, you should know that the app has the possibility that you can send and receive messages to and from your PC or laptop. do you Want to know chow to?

Since a while ago the application has presented a tool called WhatsApp Website, created just for us to enter the app mensajeray instantánea from a computer or laptop. So you can enjoy this option from your device.

So you can send a message from your PC with WhatsApp Web

Before I show you the steps it is necessary that you have to hand your macross and alsoin your computer of where you’re connected. When you have them with you you’ll be able to carry out these steps:

  • The first thing is to go to the official website of WhatsApp Web from your computer.
  • Then, go to the WhatsApp application from your mobile.
  • From there, it enters the menu that is marked with the 3 vertical dots.
  • Press on WhatsApp Web.
  • Then it will activate the camera so you can scan the bar code that appears on the screen of your computer.

once you do all these steps you will see the portal of WhatsApp Web with all the chats that are deployed in the left part of the screen. Next to this, will appear your profile photo and other options settinge to carry out a new chat, receive notifications, edit your profile, see chats are archived, among other things.

To expand your experience in this aspect, here is a complete guide with important things you should know about this version.

why should you use WhatsApp Web?

This desktop version makes the thing more easy to allow ourselves to connect from a computer that you can write more comfortably. In addition to this goodness, here is a selection of advantages that brings with WhatsApp Web:

  • In it also we will see all the chats.
  • From here you can search for a contact to start a conversation.
  • Allows you to attach documents and other files.
  • through WhatsApp Web you can also see the states following these steps.
  • Is available for free and you can access it with just an internet connection and follow the steps above.

¿Quand you think of the versione WhatsApp for computers? do you Have any questions related to this tool? If it is así, remember that you can leave your concerns in the sectione respective.

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