How to save direct on Instagram?

Until now, when we were doing a live on Instagram, this was lost for ever unless we had a program that could record the screen and sound while we did so.

as of now, Instagram has enabled the possibility of to save the direct so you don’t miss out and we’re going to teach you how to do it. It is true that Instagram is all very well but that you share a video and not be able to see it more, that is entirely ephemeral, not cool at all. Instagram has announced on its official blog this morning, but we will explain how to do this since we have downloaded a direct and we have not had any problems with it.

Guardar directo Instagram

How to save a live on Instagram?

to Save a live is very simple, the steps to follow are very easy:

  • In the first place, we have to make the direct, and for that, we have to get on Instagram and click the camera icon, once there we start directly with the rear camera or the front camera (I have done one test to be able to test this feature).
  • once we click on Finish the video ends and you will see a screen like the one we see in the image.
  • at the Top right we have to do is click on Save and we will have the video of the live saved in the Gallery in a folder called Instagram.
  • once saved the video (do not put anything, or video saved or anything so that it is possible to press it several times and do nothing, at least in this first version) since we can click done and exit the application.

The video will be saved in the Gallery and see what we’ve recorded, but the broadcast that we were doing with the possible small cuts the connection and everything. The live is recorded in resolution 720p HD and is saved in the Gallery. If you have problems to do a direct a here we tell you how to troubleshoot problems connecting to broadcast live from Instagram.

As you can see it is very easy to save a shortcut on Instagram but also remember that you need to have the version 10.12 on both iOS and Android, both versions are already available in their respective App Store and Google Play Store. If you have doubts you can use the comments to respond to your questions.

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