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When we think of Android applications run on PC automatically think Bluestacks. In Adro4all we talked about Android emulator that is installed on your PC and allows the implementation and use of various applications. True Bluestacks is a good alternative, but some users have complained of memory and often causes “force closure”, a part of which is a bit “difficult” to install. website we propose a valid alternative called ARC Welder .

How is ARC Welder

ARC ( App Runtime for Chrome ) Welder is in the “store” of Google Chrome, and can run both the Chrome browser and Chrome OS. ARC Welder allowed to run Android applications in the same way as you would ‘on your phone or tablet . While in beta, the bugs are few and are reported the great community behind it. ARC Welder therefore I can access from my PC to my snapchat, check my Instagram or play Clash of Clans , things I could not do because these 3 applications have web version. This way I can have it all in one place, and if I’m not working on my computer I have to go at my phone because I will be able and use from my PC. You can create a shortcut to the applications you want and have them all in your Applications menu Chrome. Therefore, I do not install any software.


to run ARC Welder need two things : the latest version of Chrome available, you can find on their website and file .apk application you want to use. For the .apk, you can search on Google or go Apk Downloader, where you hit the link to the application in the Play Store, for example, “ id = “and you download the file .apk then use.

Instructions to run on your PC Apps

  1. first of all ARC Welder we got from the Chrome Store . Click on “Add to Chrome” and the installation will start
  2. ARC Welder Once it is installed, we got the file .apk we want. In this case, I will download the the snapchat.
  3. to download the file .apk of snapchat I go to the website of Apk Downloader, and introduce the url of snapchat in the Play Store: “https: // play. “. Then I click on “Generate Download Link” and then I get a new green button I finally downloaded file .apk corresponding to snapchat.
    Descargar Apk Snapchat
  4. I open the Google Chrome browser to run ARC Welder is in the Applications menu Chrome . Once I click open “ Add your APK
  5. sailed to the file .apk we have downloaded and opened. After a few seconds of loading, it opens a menu with the icon of the application that we have downloaded. In this menu you can set how we want to launch that application . You can select to open vertically or horizontally ( Portrait or Landscape ), that opens like a tablet or a mobile, full screen, etc. Note: “ Clipboard Acces ” must always be selected
  6. .

  7. Then click on “ Test ” ARC Welder automatically start loading the application. From there and can start using the application with the mouse and keyboard in the same way we would with our fingers in our terminal . Note: add another application removes previous !
    Capturas Snapchat ARC Welder

That’s it! If not you start an application Try changing factors ( Fullscreen Maximized Phone or Tablet ) or view information on the Services Google Play. However, applications Facebook or Google Play and other do not work . Still, if you have some sort of problem I comment below. Note that is under beta yet!

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