How to restart the account of Pokémon GO

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In this article we are going to see how to restart the account of Pokémon GO. There are many players who can’t stop going out to capture Pokémon and today we talk about the new version of Pokémon GO that has landed in the Play Store, and APK, Pokémon GO 0.29.3 that you can download and install now on your smartphone. This game we love, and if you want to start again, we’re going to tell you how to restart Pokémon GO.

Restart Pokémon GO allows us to start from scratch, from the first level, and without anything. If you’re sure you want to do this (for whatever reason), you have 2 ways to do it. One fast and another slower, but that is possibly the best:

reiniciar pokemon go

How to restart Pokémon GO

If you are decided to delete your account from Pokémon GO and start from scratch, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Send a message to the technical support Pokémon. If you contact the technical support Pokémon, will be able to delete your account and you will be able to start from scratch. You will have to enter your email, the reason for your application (delete the account), additional information (delete account to create a new one from scratch), name of the account you want to delete, ok the boxes that were needed and finally, to confirm the shipment. If all has gone well, in a few days you will already have the account of Pokémon GO deleted and restarted to start playing again.

you Can delete your account or have two

Another solution a little more ugly, is simply logging on with another account, with another email. If you have another Gmail account you’ll be able to start another game of Pokémon GO parallel without losing this. You can clear the cache to log on with another account… or delete the game and reinstall it. If you prefer to do so. That I leave in your hands.

how it has served to to restart the account of Pokémon GO? If everything has gone well, you will have the deletion of your account Pokémon GO for the first method, to have it empty to use it again. Or if you prefer the second, you’d have in the background, without losing it.

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