How to recover an account banned on the Pokémon Go

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as I have commented today, Niantic has started to ban accounts of Pokémon Go permanently. All accounts that are cheating in the Pokémon Go are exposed to be banned although sometimes you may also get you banned unfairly.

Yes, Niantic can get you banned so unfair and that is why they enabled a way to recover accounts banned on the Pokémon Go. Sometimes you can also recover accounts that have been banned in the correct way but with traps under and through a form, it will start to smoke in a few days.

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How to recover an account banned Pokémon Go?

For the moment, the process is slow, bans are going to be few due to the activity of Niantic but that will come soon in mass and then unleash the chaos. If your account was an account pirate will have no problem but if you have days and days wandering the world in search of Pokémons and by a trick that you use a day you generally ban those you are going to ruin the life.

Nintendo and Niantic make it clear that the bans of accounts, especially the permanent, can be given because you have violated the terms of service of Pokémon Go, and for this we have skipped a few of the following rules, but all.

  • Falsify the location.
  • Use emulators.
  • Use applications modified or third-party applications to access the Pokémon Go.

that Is to say, if you use an official application nothing happens, but if you use any other application to play you run the risk that baneen. Now, if you want to know how to retrieve the account are in the place indicating, if you believe that your account has been blocked unfairly, or you have arguments to make you the return you need to complete this form.

How can I retrieve the account Pokémon Go?

Just put the mail and the explanation of why Niantic should give you your account. You also need to attach your nick in the request, and then you can attach documents or screen shots that you consider to be necessary at the level of the test.

yes, send the form does not mean you are going to recover the account but at least you will know that Niantic is going to review the applications manually and individually and if the operator on duty sees that you deserve to have back the account so it will happen.

Pokémon Go is a game to get out to the street to hunt Pokémon, you don’t have to worry about if Niantic will ban that by cheating, we knew that sooner or later would happen.

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