How to recover a Xiaomi brickeado

Características del Xiaomi Mi 5sXiaomi is, without doubt, one of the firms with the greatest impact on this year’s to 2016, and it is not for less, as the quality offered by this brand for a reduced price is practically unbeatable. In addition, another of the incentives for the purchase of these devices is MIUI, the ROM which incorporate these devices.

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however, in some occasions, this ROM does not come in Spanish, and if you’re not much given to change ROMs, you may end up brickeándolo in the process. Today we will teach you how to desbrickear a Xiaomi, whatever, in a simple way, so attentive to the tutorial, as it is quite simple.

First, it recognizes the type of brick

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4In the first place, you should know that there are two main types of brick; the soft brick and hard brick. A soft brick is typical in that the mobile gets stuck in the animation boot -bootloop-, or when we only let you access the recovery mode or fastboot.

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When we talk about a hard brick, the phone does not react to anything, and surely the method that we are going to show you does not work, since the computer will be unable to recognize the phone. Luckily, today it is almost impossible to make a hard brick to a terminal, since that almost always leaves us to access to the fastboot mode

Download MiFlash and ROM Fastboot

xiaomi-redmi-note-4-analisisonce you check that the mobile is able to access the Fastboot mode by pressing Volume – and Power, you can already proceed with the tutorial.

  • The first thing you need to do is download the program MiFlash from this link to the forum of MIUI
  • once downloaded, you need to download the ROM Fastboot for your device from this link to the forum of MIUI
  • Unzip the ROM on the desktop, without creating any extra folder, or will give you problems
  • Now, by using the keys Vol – and Power, access the Fastboot mode of your Xiaomi
  • Starts the program MiFlash that you downloaded, and click “browse”, add the ROM that you have on the desktop
  • Connect the phone to the MiFlash and click “refresh”, it should be recognized
    You are already closer!
  • At the bottom of the MiFlash, you’ll see the option “Flash All”, check
  • you can Already flash the ROM

If it gives error during installation, go to the box of Advanced and verify that the file Flash_all.bat is in the correct path, it is the only file that gives certain problems. Once the process is patient, as it may take more than ten minutes to boot up.

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