How to record in fast or slow motion in Android

¿You questions how to record in fast or slow motion in Android? If you want to squeeze the camera of your mobile to the maximum, it is possible that you wonder if it is possible to make the video in slow motion or fast, because that would be pretty good.

And I bring you good news, because although by default, the phones do not come with apps that let you do this, there is a app in the Play Store that is fabulous and yes he allows it. Today I have:

grabar a camara lenta o rapida en android

How to record in fast or slow motion in Android

The app is called “videoslow” and since she herself says that allows to record slow motion or fast from your Android mobile.

Taking into account that the cameras of the mobile phones are becoming better and more professional, although we have hardware we also need to combine it with a good software to squeeze the maximum. That’s why this app is the software you need to to take videos in slow motion.

But this app is so fabulous, not only allows this, but also to change the name or delete clips you just created, and select another video from the gallery to apply slow or fast motion. It is magnificent and gives you many options.

  • Select the video or record in slow motion.
  • Choose any video from your gallery and put it in fast or slow motion.
  • Publish and share your videos in slow motion at the flick of a click.

you see that gives you lots of options, that’s why we like this app and recommend to all our users. And now, you know it and you’ll be able to test this app that lets you make videos in slow motion on Android for free.

The app to make the video in slow motion is 100% free

to Tell you that we tested it on several mobile and we have not had any problems. In general, works with most smartphones that have at least KitKat. It is an app completely free that you can download now for your Android smartphone. So if you want to get this effect of slow motion in your videos, login now and download the app

Slow-motion Quick Videos (Free, Google Play) →

do You has been helpful to the article? Do you know of any other apps or tricks?