How to put a location false in Pokémon GO

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In this article we are going to tell you how to put a location false in Pokémon GO, so you’ll be able to catch Pokémon as if you were sitting in any corner of the planet. Although we are going to tell you how to do it, have not tested it for Pokémon GO, because they could banearnos the account and we don’t want to take a chance. we do Not recommend this type of practice, but if you want to make tests with another account Pokémon you want to see if it works or misrepresent the location for other games or apps, the same serves you.

Put a location false in Pokémon GO could you help us to capture many more Pokémon and in record time. Because if we can simulate locations, we could be in any place (and Pokémon in general are displayed in a random manner or at certain points of the map). It would be so easy as to go to those points, and be done with all the same in one day.

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Put location fake Pokémon GO

This works for any game or app that you have. So be very attentive to how it works, because you don’t need to be root but a Android 3.1 or higher. These are the steps to follow:

  • Settings > development Options (here we tell you how to activate the developer options in Android).
  • once you have activated, enters and activates the option of mock Locations. This option allows us to emulate the GPS position.
  • Download the app Fake GPS Pro (free) and can be found on the Google Play. This app allows you to activate the location false in the Pokémon GO.

WP-Appbox: Fake GPS Pro (Free, Google Play) →

  • once downloaded and installed, open it up. We will see a warning that tells us that if we are Root, we must activate the Adjustment of Locations of simulated (Mock locations). In the case of not being root, you can omit this option. Simply, by clicking Close.
  • If at this point we do not have the option of Mock Locations that we have enabled in step 2, we will be able to do it from this app, but, we will see a map with a pin in the middle.
  • Now on the map, simply we may to change our location according to want. With the fingers, with the gesture of clamp, we need to go moving around the map until the location you want to be (you also have the option of searching with the magnifying glass).

Now you’ll be able to falsify your location in the Pokémon GO

As you can see this app is very complete. I recommend it!

Now you’ll be able to falsify your location in the Pokémon GO and in the apps that you want. I tell you, we do not recommend this practice because they might ban the account (though it is not safe, you could do this and not spend anything), but tread with an eye for the just in case or try it with another account or other apps.

In these articles we show you how to fix problems with the GPS and your location, as you are of help.

What have you tried?

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