How to prevent your computer to to spend the fee of the mobile phone in tethering step-by-step

increasingly, there are more users that make use of the tethering. It is a practice in which the mobile becomes a gateway for providing connection to other devices, usually the PC. Of course, if we are not mindful, we can see fulminada our data rate in record time.

Thus, the access to Streaming platforms like YouTube or Netflix it is absolutely forbidden when you’re on tethering. Of course you have to take into account that beyond the use that we give to the computer, the computer may perform automatic actions, such as the download the new version of the operating system.

If we are going to be tethering sharing Internet connection between our Android phone and our computer, there are several types that are worth taking into account.

Precautions for use when in tethering with Mac

Mac does not have an option that allows to limit the megas. So the only thing we can do is to turn on the option for the computer to Apple not download applications in the background.

The process is very simple. We have to do is click on the apple located in the top left corner and access to the System Preferences to enter in the App Store. Then, you simply have to deactivate the option “Download new updates in the background”.

Precautions for use when in tethering with Windows

If you have Windows as operating system, we are in for a treat as it allows limit mobile data usage; in this way, we can avoid the system to perform automatically any action that requires a large amount of megas.

to Activate this function is very simple. Just go to the icon of the WIFI network and access the Network Settings. Once there, access to the Advanced Settings and select “Connection of Average Use”.

therefore, if we are in tethering with both Windows and Mac it’s easy not to, I co-founded the mobile data included in our rates. If it is still the GB that you have per month on your phone you do not seem to be enough, this will interest you: The 3 fees with the most data and best price for summer of 2017 in Spain.

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