How to play with the Golem of ice of Clash Royale


Today has come the Golem of ice to Clash Royale and we’ve already seen many players look at their decks. By this, we are going to tell you how to play with the Golem of ice of Clash Royale. This letter is certainly not waste any. In a first moment it may seem like nothing, but what is certain is that it is interesting if you use it with some good combinations. In addition, it is easy to get, because it is a letter of special type.

you can Not miss the following video, where Alvaro explains to us how to play with the new Golem of Ice of Clash Royale:

How to play with the Golem of ice of Clash Royale

These are some of the good strategies to follow:

  • Next to the montapuercos. It is interesting to send the Golem in front of montapuercos, because while he attacks, the die paralyzes the troops, therefore, win time attack with the montapuercos. As a result the montapuercos will do more damage to the tower, just a touch more than if it were with the spirit of ice.
  • Next to the miniPEKKA. The same as for the case of the montapuercos but now with the minipekka. If you cast it with the golem of ice as a shield, when you die paralyze the tower and the cards that are around you, therefore the minipekka will be able to give a couple of blows. Is amazing!
  • Substitute for the discharge or knight. The golem of ice is not so strong as to defeat the skeletons or minions of a blow, but leaves them with the half of life, we will lack a touch to die. You could use it as a substitute for of the download. Also it seems the gentleman and spends one less elixir. They are similar in attack and life, but this new letter is perhaps better for the effect of paralysis that stops when you die.

Note: you will need to have it in high level (to the height of the other special cards you have) so that will be useful in the deck. You can find it as special offer in the shop for 150 gems (a lot of golem of ice). Evil will not touch you in a couple of days.

Soon strategies and more data

By now we didn’t even touched this new letter in any of the chests and we can’t tell you much more. Yes we encourage you to watch the video because is very interesting. To see if it comes back to us this weekend in the chests or in the store to buy and be able to test it in depth. It looks bad. By 2 elixir seems acceptable.

What a enjoy! If you have any questions, leave us a comment we will try to help.

What strategy are you going to continue with this letter? Do you think that it is not worth for nothing?

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