How to play Pokémon GO on Mac

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If you have a Mac and want to play Pokémon GO from your computer, we will tell you how you can do it. Pokémon GO is undeniably the fashion game that everyone can play. If you also want to have fun, don’t miss this tutorial on how to play Pokémon GO on Mac. Already I advance that if you want to try it at 100% you will have to simulate your location, because if you do not move, you’re not advancing through the map of the game. You can try faking the location, but be careful with the account that you are using so it can happen.

you Can watch the following video in the meantime, although it is quite long, it lasts about 11 minutes. However, with what you are going to tell you will help you to play Pokémon GO in the Mac. You cans see how it plays with the FakeGPS in computer and how is the experience:

How to play Pokémon GO on Mac

If you want to try Pokémon and GO from your Mac (the experience is not the same or much less), you can try the following that works. It’s like a kind of emulator. Basically, it lets you see and control what happens in your Android.

If you want to control it from your Mac, let’s start:


  • to Have Chrome installed


  • Install the extension Chrome Vysor
  • Connects the mobile to the PC via USB (with USB debugging enabled)
  • – And now you can play!

you see that in a matter of minutes you’ll be playing. You only need the extension and use Chrome.If you’re using Windows, you’ll need the ADB drivers. Therefore, the tutorial also I used to play Pokémon GO from Windows.

Careful with the FakeGPS

The experience is not the same as in the mobile. Although the Mac is powerful, you will not be able to play with total normality. The user of the video test fakeGPS, but a lot of care with use your Pokémon because you could fall a ban for this. However, no programs like that you will not find it easy to use it from the Mac because it will not move if you do not move.

how it has served to play Pokémon GO from the Mac?

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