How to play Pokémon Go if it says it is not compatible?


Niantic has a big problem with Pokémon Go and is that in your last update, the update 0.37 Pokémon Go for Android, has made the game not work on many mobile phones.

In theory the latest version of Pokémon Go prohibits the operation of mobile with root in the terminal and also in the iPhone that have jailbroken but the problem is not that, the problem is that the majority of chinese mobile are no longer able to play this title in spite of not having root.


How to continue playing Pokémon Go while Nintendo and Niantic does not solve?

Be sure that the problem is not your mobile phone, the problem has Niantic and your filter is not able to detect what mobile have root or not. In some mobile phones, the root checker indicates that there are rooteados, the game does not work.

Not only are chinese mobile as the Elephone P8000, some mobile phones are much better known, and europeans as the same Huawei P9 or some Lenovo are watching the game as the game says it is not compatible to root the latest update.

we can Still play with the earlier version of Pokémon Go

To continue playing Pokémon while Nintendo does not release a new update there is a solution and that is why you are going to tell you. A couple of days we have discussed how to continue playing Pokémon and Go to be root, but this solution is much more simple, shall consist of and continue playing Pokémon Go even when Nintendo tells you that your mobile is not compatible since the previous method does not fit all that mobile.

  • Desinstalamos Pokémon Go from our mobile.
  • Now we install Pokémon Go 0.35 from this link (completely safe).

We make sure not to update the game until a new version of Pokémon Go. Yes, indeed, we have only uninstalled Pokémon Go, and we have installed the previous version that will leave us without some innovations such as the new fellow Pokémon, but at least it will be the only way to continue playing while Niantic don’t fix it.

What do you think of the solution? it Is true that it is very routine and most obvious but it is the only way we can do it. If Nintendo manages to fix the problem I will tell you and you can update your phones to the new version of Pokémon Go.

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