How to pin chats in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the instant messaging application par excellence. One of the things that the company has improved a lot is the improvements. Recently I discussed some that are coming. Thanks to these improvements there are many tricks to take advantage of the application, such as saving the chats in a Word. It is for this reason that every new of the application gives a lot to talk about. WhatsApp has presented a new possibility that sure many users will find very interesting.

WhatsApp gives you now the possibility to set the chat. Now it is possible to leave those chats most important or you use anchored in a fixed position. It is a very interesting function. So I explained the process to be able to pin chats in Whatsapp. Tutorial sobre como anclar los chats en WhatsApp

How do you anchor the chat in WhatsApp?

In the first place it is important to have the latest version of WhatsApp installed in the mobile. This is the version 2.17.162. Can download the APK manually here, or bet on the version beta on Google Play. The last thing you can do it in the following link. Once we have the proper version we can begin with the process.

Just go in WhatsApp, where are all the chats. press and hold one of the chats, and you’ll see that at the top an icon appears in the shape of pin. press in the same chat will be fixed on the top of the list chat. Although there are new messages in other chat rooms, the chat you’ve pinned is not going to move of the top. You can to anchor up to a maximum of 3 chats. That is the only limitation provided by this new function. For unpin or desfijar a chat, just keep you hold and re-click on the icon of the stickpin.

If you want to have a chat-most important always in view, this new feature that the application offers it is more useful. If you intend to do so, , remember to have the latest version installed and follow these steps that I have to give. Check the pictures and you will see the process in a visual way. What do you think of this new feature of WhatsApp?

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