How to measure distances and things with the camera of a mobile

The camera of a mobile phone not only works to take pictures and record videos, then it can also be used for things like measuring distance and objects with accurate results.

as well As in other cases, here also we will use the help of applications that are available from Google Play. Each tool has everything you need to help you in this task, so that can test for that will be surprised with the results. In the absence of one, here you have 3 of the best apps for your Android.

The best applications to measure distances and things with the camera of a mobile

Rangefinder : Smart Measure

With more than 10 million downloads, Rangefinder, and is perhaps the most widely used alternative to to measure the distance and height of an object from a macross. With just bajártela and aim the camera of your Android device to the desired items, the tool will be able to calculate the meters or even kilometers of distance between one point and another.

But that is not all, as in his versiong Pro offers the possibility to use it without ads and have access to the functionin width and area, as well as the modality of the portrait. Have a telemetro digital with this free app.


More than 5 million downloads and a rating of 4.5 assure you to Rule a place in the top 3. Among its strengths we find the optione measure the length and diámetro of an item, converter units (mm to inches, inches to cm…), calculation of length, measuring at 4 points, and a calibration of the most simple, among other things.

This option is quite intuitive and estunto available free in 15 languages. If the above seems an alternative more professional, then you can come over to Google Play and download this app.

Measure – Quick Everyday Measurements

And we end the list with an app created by Google to help us measure the length and height of objects on flat surface. Hereí you can measure and take a photo with the informationon the selected object, change between metric and imperial, etc.

yes, to install it you will have to have a mobile with ARCore. If you meet this requirement, you can bajártela at zero cost via the link below.

in Addition to the applications mentioned in the previous lines, you should know that you can also use the camera of your mobile phone for all these things.

¿What has been your favorite app to measure distances and objects from your Android?

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