How to make the knot of the tie: apps to learn how to do it

Cómo hacer el nudo de la corbata: apps para aprender a hacerlo

upcoming dates marked in red on the calendar, in which you must show your elegance and know how to dress. Everything should go well in those days so important, so it is necessary that you prepare everything carefully.

How? What you don’t know to make a tie knot? Because, if you’re old enough to wear a suit also you should know anudarte tie. A great age comes great responsibility. Or so they said.

If this is your case and you don’t want to ask your father or your mother to help you, don’t miss this collection with the best apps for learning to make by yourself a tie knot with which to surprise everyone at these parties.

How to Tie a Tie – 3D Animated

Cómo hacer el nudo de la corbata: apps para aprender a hacerlo

Your strong point as you can imagine is the recreations animated that teach us step-by-step how to make the knot, and without relying solely on text -that is in English- . In addition, it will be possible re-play the animations whenever we want by pressing the button in the center.

you Have until 11 different options to choose from how to dress that night, from the most simple to more sophisticated and complex. The application is totally free but it includes small ads at the bottom of the screen, so that it does not hinder the experience.

Google Play Store | How to Tie a Tie – 3D Animated (Free)

tie Knots

Is application account with just a 7 knots different, but their appearance more differential is that are categorized according to the difficulty of each one of them, so if you want to practice with knots simple maybe this is your ideal application.

Cómo hacer el nudo de la corbata: apps para aprender a hacerlo

The interface is found in Spanish and the images of the movements that you must perform are quite illustrative. What’s worse, it is probably the design, somewhat old-fashioned, and the intrusiveness of advertising, that appears each time we take two steps.

Google Play Store | tie Knots (Free)


This third and last application highlights several elements. The first is that we can find nothing less than 30 types of knots, all of them with few ratings aesthetics, symmetry, difficulty and size of the knot, we will have an idea if it is really what we are looking for. In addition, each one comes with a small description and a few recommendations when it comes to dress each: shirts with the wide neck, ties a tone or patterned-specific, etc

The second is that to show us what we should do, we can choose between photographs, step-by-step movements, or learn through YouTube videos that we can display without switching applications.

Cómo hacer el nudo de la corbata: apps para aprender a hacerlo

His greatest hits is the visual area, which is not the most pleasing to the eye. The colors are quite strident, but since then it complies with its function. This app contains advertising in the form of small banners to the foot of the page and some ads to full-screen in some occasions. In any case, are not too annoying.