How to make pictures in virtual reality from any mobile?

Sacar fotos VR

we All thought Google Cardboard was a joke, the technology of Google in order to bring the virtual reality (VR) to any user with an Android phone. But no, Google wants any user to be able to use virtual reality and though this tide and has some other problems not related to technology but rather with the creation and distribution of content, it seems that they will eventually be resolved soon.

Google wants any user to be able to create content for virtual reality and for this it has released an application that allows you to capture, from any mobile Android, an environment in virtual reality. Is as photograph a panoramic view of 360 degrees or even similar to a Photo Sphere but easier. Camera Cardboard is not a joke.

Camera Cardboard allows you to take pictures in VR from a normal mobile


Every time there are more economic alternatives to enjoy the VR in the home, is more, even Oculus says that the mobile will play a key role in the development of this technology and is that up until now it was very difficult to create content in virtual reality, you need specific equipment to get to capture an image VR, something that mere mortals do not have easy access and why Google wants to that anyone can do it, so simple, since most of the mobile phones.

Not all phones allow you to capture pictures with Camera Cardboard, Google has not given a list of what are compatible but the Honor 4X we have not been able to run the application, and however in the Galaxy S6 has been running without any problem.

How does Camera Cardboard?

To have an alternative low-cost virtual reality in our Android mobile is born Camera Cardboard, an application that has an operation very simple. Camera Cardboard will get to capture an image of a very simple way with your mobile phone, you will only have to open the application and start the process.

The way of capturing images with Camera Cardboard is very simple, just open the camera and click the button to capture, the device will indicate with a line that you move to the right or left of straight and more or less stabilized, it will warn you if you’re going too slow or too fast and will link to a panoramic view of 360 degrees without problem.

Cámara Cardboard

The best thing about this application is that, in addition to capturing and to display images in virtual reality the easy way for any user is also able to go capturing the sound of the snapshot if we want to have a total immersion. In the settings you can only to lock the exposure (so that no noticeable changes in tone in the photo), capture the sound or play it back, nothing more, it is a very simple app but is fine when view from the front, if you look up and down you can a lot part of the image comes out blurred, especially if it is a closed environment, such as the aisle in which we have tested ourselves, in worlds open the thing changes quite a bit.

you’re Not going to need an expensive camera, you can photograph and view images directly from any mobile. You do not even need to create an account, so that is to download and run in a simple way. What are you going to try? to be able To see these snapshots you just need a Cardboard, costs less than 15 euros.

Download | Camera Cardboard in Google Play

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