How to make applications that do not use or do not waste battery and data

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In our mobile devices there are many applications that are preinstalled that, in a nutshell, absolutely no use at all . Such applications are usually all those that the manufacturer installed on the phone to give added value which then no data will Google or even those that hardly anyone uses, as would Google+. Today we will learn a trick for these applications not waste battery or data or are in our launcher .

Before I did not even think, no, need not be users root because the functionality is present in our phone. It is an option that is somewhat hidden and to look, but once you may have located you will realize how useful it is. To do what we do we have to go to “Settings” then “ Applications” . Then see a list of all the applications on your terminal.

When we are within applications we go to “All” and look for all applications that do not want that they are working on our device. To illustrate this article I used the “Music” app that comes preinstalled by LG. When we find it in the list and click on it give it to “Disable Application” . This will make, whether it is Google, the updates are uninstalled, it is restored factory and stay disabled He’ll be as dead, no funcionará-. If the manufacturer will simply freeze. In both cases no longer appear in our launcher .

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This is not the same as uninstalling, since application will remain in the memory of our device , so it will not release memory -for we need to be root – . Yes, we will have fewer applications running in the background without using our data to be updated, so will save some battery and data . As you see it is a very simple trick and help us to our phone work a little better .

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