How to make a note of video Telegram

more and more applications are entering the video, and we see as this format is gaining prominence. Telegram has not wished to lag behind and also presents the video as a new format in the application. Don’t want to stay behind, since both Snapchat as Facebook Stories are using the video as the main tool. How do you use a time Telegram to the video? through video notes.

The application allows you to the option of create video notes in the same location that is currently used for voice notes. A new feature that can certainly help Telegram to get some new users and continues adding features. To celebrate this new feature we will be able to see how they are made video notes in Telegram.

Make a note of video Telegram

In the beta version of Telegram since it is possible to be able to perform video notes. To do this, simply access any of the talks that you already have in the application itself. Make notes of video in the application is the most simple. For greater security I will explain and you will thus be able to use this new feature as quickly as possible.

In the first place to be able to record video notes it is necessary to have the beta version of Telegram installed. Once you have the appropriate version, we are already prepared. Just click on the icon-microphone. There happens to mode note video. You have to keep the long press to record the video with the front camera of your smartphone. As with the audio notes, if you would like to delete the video just with a gesture to the left.

As you can see, it’s easy to make a note of video. Something positive is that Telegram gives you the option of to toggle between video notes and audio. You can also record of almost infinite and send them immediately. What is also important is that the person who is to receive the note of the video must also have the beta version. What do you think of this new feature of Telegram? Will you have success? What you are going to use those who have the app installed on your smartphones?

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