How to learn piano with a simple application for Android and iOS

┬┐you Wanted to learn to play the piano? So, today we’ll explain how to do this using your smartphone. There are apps that are so useful that they are able to teach you about practically everything. Continue reading and discover how to learn to play the piano with an application.

If you wanted to learn to play the piano, but you didn’t want to pay for enrolling in an academy then you came to the right place. Learn to make music of the good using your Android or iOS device.

Learn to play piano with flowkey

Flowkey is the ideal application for learn to play piano from scratch. Choose your favorite songs to learn chords, notes and scores. Compatible with any piano or keyboard, regardless of whether it is acoustic or digital.

With flowkey you will be able to interpret the most popular topics of all genres, and soundtracks for both cinema and video games. The application will recognize what you play and will be displayed on the screen if you are playing the correct notes.

Thanks to this tool you’ll be able to go to achieved goals, little by little, with the interactive lessons about notes, chords, technique, pace and much more. In case outside little, includes video tutorials of high quality recorded by pianists professional.

How it works flowkey

  • Place your device on your piano or keyboard.
  • Choose the song you want to learn taking into account your level. If you’re playing for the first time, visit the course introduction to learn the basics.
  • The application listens to what you play through the microphone or MIDI connection to give you a instant feedback as you go playing.
  • you can Also practise sections of each song separately with the Loop function. Starts to play slowly while you watch the video and the speed increases until you reach the original tempo.
  • Complete the courses flowkey and sees refining your skills at your own pace. The progress indicator will keep track of your learning.

If you wanted to learn to play another instrument, look at these apps to get started with the guitar. In case you want another alternative to flowkey, we also have these other apps for learning to play the piano.

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