How to know if your Android has a virus in 1 minute

Cómo saber si mi Android tiene virus

If you are asking the question of “how to tell if my Android has a virus“, in this article you can see if your terminal is infected in less than a minute. This we will do with an application, that has come to the world of Android to make life easier, and above all, more secure. Find out how to know if your Android has a virus in real time and after an in-depth analysis:

How to tell if my Android has a virus with an app (1 minute)

Cómo saber si mi Android tiene virus

There’s an app on the Google Play that is called “CONAN Mobile“. This app will allow us to know how safe is our Android, that is to say, if we are infected or if we have everything under control. CONNAN Mobile for Android makes it possible for the following:

  • Analysis of the configuration of the device: analyzes your mobile phone with the aim of improving the level of safety of the same.
  • Analysis application: if you want to know if all the apps you have installed are secure, CONAN Mobile will tell. What it does will be to classify the applications on the basis of “dangerousness”. With this option we usually find the virus in the case that we have it.
  • Classification of applications for permits: shows us the permissions of the applications that we have installed, ordered also by those that have basic permissions or advanced (which should not have). A lot of apps seemingly innocuous access to content our that should not be, such as reading SMS for instance. CONAN we would show.
  • proactive Service: real-time tracking of everything that happens in our mobile.
  • Tips OSI.

option of parsing applications is great, especially to scan for malware. In addition, the option of classifying permissions, it is very good to see what level of privacy is affected. In this way, we will be able to see which applications are accessing permissions that we should not be giving.

But without a doubt another good feature is the real-time analysis, because will detect insecure networks or free will block SMS premium and much more.

A mobile free of malware and viruses is possible

Is a great alternative to having our mobile free of virus and possible malware.

These guys from CONAN mobile plunge us into a official video to let us discover all:

CONAN mobile is an application for Android that we can download in the Google Play Store, is free, and that without doubt will allow you to live protected. We will know in real time the dangers of our smartphone, and we’ll keep you virus-free.

Any threat you’ll know it at the time with CONAN mobile.

What do you think of this application to keep your terminal free of viruses? Do you like or know one another better?

Download | CONAN mobile apps in Google Play

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