How to install themes on your Samsung Galaxy S6 S5, S4 or rooted Note 4

Plano general del Samsung Galaxy S6

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is one of the terminals of the year we already know from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. In terms of hardware is a big step forward by the Korean firm , but there are also aspects of software we should value, is that TouchWiz has a great giant step including, in addition to performance improvements, engine issues that allow us to change the device interface. Although This function is unique to Samsung Galaxy S6 , if we have a Samsung Galaxy S5, S4 or Note 4 rooted , we can make a hack to install.

First of all, and even if we just said, is a prerequisite to having our device I rooted , so that even if you do not are and want to discover the advantages of being root , do not hesitate to stop by Rooting, which will teach you everything you need. If we meet this prerequisite, just have to follow the following steps :

  • Download Lollipop Theme Enabler.

  • Unpack with a file manager I downloaded and copied to the route system / app and system / csc corresponding files, as outlined in the official XDA thread.

  • Go to system / etc / floating_feature.xml and find the following line:

Línea 1

  • Add “themev2” in the right place:

Línea 1 modificada

  • We keep all our device and reboot.

  • I leave down on the screen and see the option to add the items.

If all went well, when you reboot will have the theme engine installed and ready for use . Unlike launchers , what this engine allows is to change the icons of the application launcher factory, animations, notification bar … ie everything TouchWiz incorporates serial . Of course, first of all, Realize a backup of your device in case something went wrong, and remember that from Andro4all we are not responsible for any damage that your terminal may suffer.

What Do you find this modification? What have you tried?

And you do you think? Head over Installing the issues of Samsung Galaxy S6 in your S5, S4 or Note 4 rooted to leave your mark.

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