How to install Android on the job in any Android mobile

a long time Ago that we have not returned to speak of Android for Work, but now that Android cup as the 88% share of mobile phones sold in the third quarter of 2016, seems that the solution to the companies should be clear.

little by Little, the large brands no longer compete in the realm of the consumer to compete on the terrain of business, especially when it comes to apps aimed at productivity. Long time no speak Android in the work and this tool is now much closer to what many believe.


How to use Android for Work in any Android?

Android in the workplace is a tool that Google has created for companies to have a system of applications ultraseguras where the privacy and security of the same remains very controlled.

it is Basically a mode for any mobile to access to the company account safely and controlling what is done with these accounts with an administrator, much more complete. For Android the work can be used only need to have an account of G-Suite, and install Android for Work.

Now, although the idea is good, it is very badly thought out. Install Android for Work was very complicated until Google has presented Android Management Experience, an application that allows us to see everything much more easy.

Android Management Experience allows us to test Android on-the-job

Is a test, it is not the final version, but it allows us to create a virtual company, with name and a couple of parameters, and test the entire suite (almost the full). Once installed simply use a QR code to be able to form part of the company and ready, it is very simple in that aspect.

administrator of the account can apply passwords, restrict settings, delete the device, or even create a white list. So, help Android to the entrepreneurs separating the work of leisure in a same phone and it is true that it works very well. It is much simpler to install Android for Work, and we installed also some enterprise versions of the apps most commonly used such as Gmail, DropBox, or the enigmatic Google Calendar.

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