How to have the MiMojis of My 8 on any Xiaomi

Xiaomi copied the animojis iPhone X in your Xiaomi Mi 8. This is a fact, however, now anyone with a Xiaomi with MIUI and Android 7.0 Nougat or higher can also have on your smartphone. do you Want to know how to?

below we will explain to you how to do it but before we’ll talk about a little bit of the MiMojis. Are the copy of the Animojis Apple, and are used for that, with our camera, we can give expression to the different characters.

MiMojis use of the camera, not the facial recognition 3D

unlike the Apple and like the AR Emojis Samsung, they use the camera to selfie and not the sensor facial recognition 3D. In this case, if you would have used this sensor, would not be or available in the Xiaomi Mi 8.

In fact, to have the MiMojis, just install APK that is translated into English, which we found on Reddit. Yes, you cannot update the application or it could stop working. In a first moment it was leaked in Russian, but this new APK allows you to have them in English, you will understand much better what makes.

┬┐How MiMojis?

With this version of My Moji 1.0 to any Xiaomi you will be able to record videos of 5 seconds in which we can change character and voice. We will have until 12 different characters to choose from with 3 voices alternatives.

once created the videos can we send them to our contacts by WhatsApp, upload them to YouTube or save them on the phone. Yes, these MiMojis can not be used on any Xiaomi Android One as My A1, My A2 and My A2 Lite.

Work very well, despite using the camera

Many had hoped that the MiMojis not work too well when not in use, the 3D sensor but what is certain is that recognize without problems the blink of an eye, the gesture of opening the mouth, a smile, and even the twists that we do with the head or our bochechas.

To have the MiMojis you need a Xiaomi with MIUI and Android 7.0 Nougat or higher. If you have it, download and install this APK on your smartphone. Without a doubt, one of those fun features (not necessary) that will move us a good smile.

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