How to have the animation start in Android Nougat on your mobile

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If it makes you illusion to have the animation start in Android 7.0 Nougat in your smartphone, you can do it in a couple of steps and as not, thanks to the help of a user of XDA who is in charge of porting the code to make it work on other terminals. We will tell you the steps to follow, you will see that it is very easy.

As you know Android Nougat is the new version of Android. Will be available end of August and it’s possible that with this trick you can put the starting animation in your smartphone. You can serve for any other animation that you want once you’ve done this, you can do so easy, especially if you have already done on more than one occasion:

opening Animation of Android Nougat on your mobile

These are the steps to continue:

  • Download the ZIP of the Bootanimation.
  • you will Need to Marshmallow or a file explorer such as ES File Explorer.
  • Enters /system/media. You should find (now imagine what there is to do right?).
  • hold on and rename the file with any name but add .bak at the end. For example:
  • Now, we have to put the downloaded in this folder /system/media (the file that we are replacing, we decided to rename it instead of deleting it, just in case).
  • you’ll have to keep and hold on this file to change the permissions: read access for everyone and write only for the owner.

Now if we start again, because we will have to see the opening animation of Nougat.

Now you can put any animation you want

This should funcionarte without a problem and the procedure is the same for any starting animation that you want to have. But we do not recommend that you remove the current, because it is always necessary and it is better to have the original, if you gave a problem to be able to return to normal, since you’re not really doing anything dangerous that you will leave without a phone.

If you have to reboot, you should see the new animation home of Nougat. We don’t know the theme compatibility, but it should be compatible with any, and at the end is an animation.

have You been served?

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