How to get the double data for free with Vodafone

¿would You like to get double data free with Vodafone? Sure, you and all. But the best part is that it is entirely possible with a “trick” that I’m going to tell. This way, you’ll be able to have double the data for free if your operator is Vodafone. If you want to know how to get it, you what we have, but only you are going to have to be subject to a condition, so if you want them and with a little bother, you’ll have a month with double the gigs for free.

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How to get the double data for free with Vodafone

What is this that you’re talking about? It turns out, that the guys from Vodafone have offered to double the data rate from many users, provided they meet the conditions.

  • The offer will last for 28 days after activation.

after these 28 days, all will return to normal. And during those 28 days, you’re not going to pay more or you are going to remove on the other hand, you’ll have the same thing that until now, but with the dual of mb. The installation process, it is instantaneous. You will not have to wait at all to be active once you do this you are going to tell you.

  • to Renew the contract or create a new one.

If you’re between 6 February and 31 march, you’ll be able to activate this promotion. The condition or necessary requirement, is to reward users who renew the contrast with Vodafone, or come new to the operator. If so, would enjoy during 28 days of the double of mb totally free. The last day to achieve this goal is the 31 march 2017.

Calls to Vodafone and active promotion, it is free

it is clear that This is a good news, because the users will be able to enjoy a discount or the double of mb free for a time only by creating a new contract with the operator, or renew the current one. It is a way of to ensure the permanence for a longer time, but if it was going to go with Vodafone, as you are worth hiring.

So if you want to get double data free with Vodafone, call Vodafone and ask them to renew the contract or that you want to do client. Are you going to enjoy the promo?

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