How to get experience points in Pokémon GO

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Get experience points in Pokémon GO is important, because that way you’ll be able to level-up in Pokémon GO faster. I don’t know what level you are at, but we already have been playing them since day 6 and we have the 10 if I recall. Although I have to say that we are a little freaky, because I went out on more than one occasion with the car on purpose to look Poképaradas… but you dont do it, better to go walking.

On the basis of my experience these days playing, I’ll tell you how you can get experience points in Pokémon GO. It is important to get these experience points to level up fast and be the best Pokémon trainer. If you have problems to play, we have spoken of them all, camera RA, problems with the GPS… hope that solutions soon.

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Tips to get experience points in Pokémon GO

  • Capturing Pokémon. The fastest way is probably capturing Pokémon, especially if you are skillful and do not spend too Pokéball. Here you can see some tips for capturing Pokémon in the Pokémon GO.
  • In a club. It is great in the gyms, but only if you are well prepared, it is important that you use Pokémon than you are facing.
  • To Evolve Pokémon. My favorite way of get experience to is to evolve Pokémon, especially the duplicates of low level… because they give experience. Whenever you can and want to, evolving your Pokémon. Although for this you’ll have to capture many, because you’re going to need. It is an interesting approach and to me it is going well.
  • Opening eggs. Open eggs will give you experience points. You can try.
  • In the Poképaradas. It is important that you go to the Poképaradas, to achieve all kinds of objects and also experience. You already know that you reset each bit, so that I don’t go very far in order to get more items and more points.

With these tricks, you will get win XP on the Pokémon GO.

how Much more andes, the more experience

If you move a lot you have more chance of finding different Pokémon, moreor less strong. And if you manage to capture many of the same and make you lack (could not take failure as the heavy zubat that when you have a hundred thousand since you don’t want more…), as this will help you get XP points extra. I is what I do and I do well as I have told you above. It is great to be able to evolve and win XP to change.

What are your strategies to get experience points in Pokémon GO?

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