How to gain cups fast in Clash Royale

subir copas rapido clash royale

If you’re a fan of Clash Royale, in this article we will see how to get glasses fast in Clash Royale. This is the dream of many, but you already know that for you to upload the glasses the other will have to lose them. For all this, we will see some tips and tricks which can raise the glasses fast, and to overcome the 2,000, a strip complicated. It we started!

go up cups fast in Clash Royale

Clash Royale is very well, has us all hooked, and despite the fact that you have been told a lot of guides to be the best and have the best decks, here we will tell you how to gain cups fast.

clash royale mejor tropa

  • Careful with the hours. You may not believe it, but surely you realize. There are more hours and less dangerous to play Clash Royale, because it is clear that coincidences do not exist. And that is that there are very strong, that if you accumulate all at certain times, can make us lose. So now you know, analyzes the hours that you play every day, to know in which you move better. I dont believe it, but it works.
  • don’t play with data. If you play with data and you get no coverage, bye-bye game and bye-bye points. Very careful with this, because sometimes we are impulsive and we play the same in any way, but remember to be always connected to a good Wi-Fi, so you can spend.
  • do Not change much from deck. If you change your deck regularly and you have not trained enough, so you’ll get complicated, because it is more easy to lose glasses if you do this. Not always does a single deck, every x time, it is advisable to change it because some letters are more popular, others less, and we even got some of the highest level. You should discuss this with pause, because it also influences.
  • checkout help, but don’t do it. If you want to spend some money (don’t do), you can do this because it will help you to climb faster. We don’t recommend it, because it is a game, and unless you are of benefit’s best not to spend anything. And as we tell you how to get chests superm√°gicos free, and this method will help you to get gems and chests without passing per box.
  • Knows well the letters. Already we have spoken of some letters in some guides. It is essential that you know the cards well if you want to get high. We now have 6 new cards, already we tell you how to get because as you know they are in arenas different. Know the cards well is the key, because this way you’ll know how to play them always, and do it well.
  • Defends. If you defend, you have less chance of losing, because if you play a lot on the attack, you can have a careless and stay without a tower. Focus on defending as well, not just in attack, because those oversights and make us lose glasses sometimes. Do not be impulsive.
  • If you lose multiple games, do not play more. Usually, this game causes addiction, and the more you lose the more you want to play again to win. This works sometimes, but in most cases the only thing that does is that you can lose in a loop. Remember well of this, because if you lose a lot, more than you’ll lose in the total calculation. You may need a breather. Avoid play if you are very tired.

Clash Royale sometimes has the fault

This all depends on us, but sometimes Clash Royale is to blame. In my case, I am level 8, and both touch me face opponents of level 7 as of 10. And that’s not too fair, because a user with level 10 you have too much life and character uploaded media two more levels, so that is a sure defeat. And although we removed less cups, taking cups, then it costs a lot to recover. However, they are working on improving the algorithm, so that soon everything will be more just.

I Hope you have served these tips and you can keep adding cups!

What do you think of Clash Royale? How are you going to in cups?

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