How to exit fastboot mode on Xiaomi quick and easy

for whatever reason, many users need to access the fastboot mode of your Xiaomi. However, not all know what should be done to remove it. For this reason, today we will explain you how to exit fastboot mode in any of Xiaomi. it Is more easy than you might imagine!

After which you get how simple that is get out of fastboot mode on a Xiaomi, you will not know whether to laugh or cry.

How to get out of fastboot mode

  • once you are inside the fastboot mode, stop and hold the off button for 15 seconds. In the case you don’t know how to put the fastboot, here’s the way to do it with a Xiaomi Mi A1.
  • The phone should restart only and get automatically the fastboot mode.
  • If not removed, the rom drive may be defective and would have to reflashear.

that’s it, as easy as it is to get out of the fastboot mode in any of Xiaomi. In the network circulate methods, false to leave this way, but just perform the simple steps mentioned in the lines above.

you can Also look at this article in which I explain how to install ROMS on phones from Xiaomi through the fastboot mode.

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