How to download YouTube videos on Android


Download YouTube videos on Android is something that is not within the law unless you do it directly with YouTube NETWORK, a platform that allows you to save videos to watch later.

Now, that is not something that is completely legal does not mean it is impossible, it is more, it is very easy to download any video from YouTube in any Android mobile to be able to take it anywhere and view it without having an Internet connection. Actually, if you download the videos to watch later and then erase without apportionment by any party nor are you doing much damage to anyone, just want to enjoy the video on another site of a way as possible.

TubeMate lets you download any video from YouTube for free without any problem but that means that is not on Google Play and you’ll need to download the installation file directly on your mobile. Yes, TubeMate already warns you before using it for the first time that these videos should be used for your personal, non-commercial purposes even though the user will do what he deems correct, in that we no longer get.

TubeMate para Android

How to download YouTube videos on Android?

In the first place you should know that TubeMate not only allows you to save YouTube videos on any Android mobile but which allows you to save the videos from different services among which are YouTube, DailyMotion, Twitter, Facebook, YouKu and some more.

When you enter TubeMate, you’ll see the application as if it were within the YouTube app or within the mobile interface of YouTube, and you’ll be able to go to every video without any problem, navigating as you would in any phone. The important difference is that in the top there is a bar that is the one that will allow us, once inside of a video, download the video in the format that we want. When you click on the arrow-down that is in the top right of the app opens a box that allows us to choose the format and the quality of the file you are going to download.

The videos can be downloaded in FullHD resolution without any problem and in different formats, MP4 format, MP3 format, AAC, WebM, and even the old Flash format that is already so much hate.

How to install TubeMate in Android?

to Install an external application to Google Play is very easy to install TubeMate on any Android you just have to follow few very simple steps.

  • We Settings.
  • Security and check the option Sources or unknown Sources.
  • Now, download the .APK TubeMate and once downloaded click on Install.

.APK download from APK Mirror, one of the webs most reliable that I know in terms of distribution of APKs so you shouldn’t have any trouble with any malicious code. Once installed TubeMate you can now download without problem all the YouTube videos and some other sources without any problem.

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