How to delete photos from WhatsApp automatically

on the basis that we all have installed WhatsApp on our smartphones, sometimes we are not aware of something. The amount of conversations we have everyday with different friends, family, groups, or work leave their mark. Just take a look at our image gallery to check it out.

The volume of audio files, videos and photos that we store almost without realising it is huge. And of course, our devices are saturated, sometimes “crap digital”. Well due to laziness or carelessness rarely go to the folder of images to do cleaning. And this affects the available storage capacity of our smartphones. For this reason, today we see how to delete photos from WhatsApp automatically.

Free up space by deleting photos from WhatsApp

What should we do to maintain the greatest amount of memory our phones available is to remove usually, this type of unusable photos. Files and photos that also do not serve for nothing , limiting the capacity of storage and can slow down the speed of the device.

But the truth is that we only propose to “clean up” this type of files when we see notices of lack of available space in the phone. And for this to not happen to us unexpectedly at the worst possible time today we offer an application that will do this automatically and quickly.

Magic Cleaner

This application does in a moment what to us could take us hours. By using an advanced image recognition analyses that could be “deleteable”. Magic Cleaner performs an analysis, that takes in a function of the amount of images that we have stored. Quickly and in blocks of up to five hundred photos.

After the analysis the application shows us the images organized in different categories. Memes, drawings, screen captures, among other to decide what to delete at one time. Take a quick look to see if there’s any image that deserves to be saved and eliminates useless files.

it Is recommended to perform backups each certain time of our devices. These serve to free up space and save on the computer important photos. But if in addition we use this app with some frequency our smartphones will be able to give the maximum performance at all times.

Download Magic Cleaner free for Android

If your smartphone slows down, or if the memory is on the point of collapse, don’t wait any longer. Download Magic Cleaner and retrieves speed and storage capacity quickly and easily.

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With this app, you’ll be able to delete photos from WhatsApp automatically. Have you been served?

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