How to convert your Android on a Samsung Galaxy S10 for free

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ has passed by our board of analysis, making clear that it is one of the alternatives more robust in the high-end premium. Involves refinement of the above seen in the Galaxy family, offering a complete product versatile and able to delight the most demanding.

As a good alternative in the world of the flagship, its price could be prohibitive –more than 1,000 euros of PVP– although, as always, we can enjoy part of it thanks to the customization offered by our operating system. “Convert” our smartphone in a Samsung Galaxy S10 is pretty simple, so we are going to show you the whole process.

Some prior steps

The grid and icons used by Samsung is forcing us to change the launcher to get a similar settings, so we started with the basics, install Nova Launcher. Old reliable, considered by many as the best launcher Android, Nova will allow us to adjust the grid and icons to taste. You can opt for the free version, although, from Andro4all we strongly recommend that you pay the version Prime, is a purchase for life, and opens up a world of possibilities.

on the other hand, we need the pack of icons in One UI, the new interface of Samsung. With this version, the south Korean company to “clean up” your ROM, leaving us an interface to something closer to Material Design, in which the colors are the protagonists. To accompany the icons, download also an application that provides us with a weather widget very similar to the One IU.

As icing on this cake with a taste of Galaxy, need the funds of screen of the Samsung Galaxy S10. In total, there are four things that we need to download. To make your life easier, we leave the corresponding links in the list below.


once we have installed Nova Launcher, follow the following steps to to convert the grid to the size that comes by default in the Samsung Galaxy S10.

  • Settings

  • Desktop

  • desktop Grid

  • 5×4

taking Advantage that we are in the settings, we go back a step, and in the main menu select appearance, and style icons. we Choose as default the pack of icons in One UI. Then, we proceed to change the appearance of the Google search bar. To do this, we go back a step back, and we followed the signs to show you.

  • Desktop

  • Style of the search bar

  • bar Color –select the color white–

  • Stylish logo –we choose the first G in Google that appears to us to–

  • we Return to the launcher and re-located the search bar in the third row of the desktop, above the second row of icons and the first row of the dock

once you have configured the launcher, access from the menu of widgets to the list of widgets that has left us with the implementation of the time that we have previously downloaded. we Select the one that called Weather (only), and we place him above the search bar. For the color it white, open the application of the time and follow the steps.

  • Settings

  • color Temperature of the source #FFFFFFFF –pure white–

  • back

Ready, we have already configured our launcher, changed the icons, applied to the weather widget and set it all up as Samsung does it in One UI. To complete the process, you can use any of the funds of screen of the Samsung Galaxy S10. Following these steps, and completely free of charge, you can customize your mobile phone such as the Galaxy S most expensive on the market, in a matter of less than 5 minutes.

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