How to convert the microSD to internal memory of the Galaxy S7

Galaxy S7 microSD y nanoSIM

you Should know that there are tricks to everything and when he left the Galaxy S7 a lot of people complained that the microSD is not able to function as internal memory. You should know that there is a way to do it, is not supported by the manufacturer and which may suffer loss of data but even so we are going to explain how to do, where and when you have in mind that you to your account, the responsibility is not ours.

To to convert the microSD to internal memory of the Galaxy S7 it is best to make a backup copy of the data, for if the flies, and once done there activate the USB Debugging. Activated the developer options and in Settings – developer Options – Debugging, you will find the USB Debugging.

microSD Galaxy S7 Edge

Now comes the “difficult”, we explain how to convert the memory of the SD in the internal

Now on your PC you’ll have to make sure you have the ADB, fastboot and the drivers to be able to establish connection with the phone. Once you have installed ADV just go to the folder where you have installed and with the button “shift” on the keyboard pressed to activate the left mouse button on an empty space of the folder, click on the option “Open a command window here“.

Now connect the Galaxy S7 (or S7 Edge) on with the microSD inserted, and allows the connection with the PC in the mobile phone, once this is done we will have to start with a series of commands:

  • adb devices to verify that it recognizes.
  • adb shell to control it.
  • sm list disks to listrar the micro SD.
  • sm partition disk:private to change the partition.

once this is done go to Settings – Storage and you’ll see the two parts. If you want to save the data on the SD card, just press on it and in “More” activate “Migrate data“. In this way the data will be saved in the microSD.

Not be able to choose what to keep and what not to save on the SD and that’s what makes the speed of some applications will slow down but if it is something that you need is a quick process and nothing complicated. The microSD are never going to be as fast as the internal memory. If reboot the device and card not recognized lose the data, it is also something that happens.

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