How to configure Google Maps to be the GPS perfect

¿Still do not know how to configure Google Maps to be the GPS perfect? I feel sorry for the GPS physical, but if I have to choose I’ll stick with Maps, the app Google, because without a doubt it is spectacular and allows you to do practically everything.

in Addition, if you purchase a good support for the car, although you do not have built-in GPS in your car don’t need it, because you can have it on your mobile whenever you want.

But to squeeze it to the maximum, it is important to have well set-up and ready to go. Therefore, we will give you some tips and tricks for to configure Google Maps to be the GPS the suitable.

to Configure Google Maps to be the GPS perfect

To configure it in a perfect way, you will need to meet the following 3 points:

  • Put radars. You know how it goes with the theme of the radars today, especially in Spain, because they are everywhere, fixed and mobile. It is important that you activate this feature of radar on Google Maps, because that way you’ll be able to be aware of everything that happens on the road.
  • Set destination. If you do not want to miss and you want to go fast and directly and safely to your destination, you will only have to set it up. This is very easy. You will only have to put the point of the departure and the destination, and if you are in a car of course.
    • For all of this, you’re going to need a connection to the internet, for the theme of the maps and the follow-up. If you don’t have mobile data or Wifi enabled, the other option is that download maps for offline use. Here we tell you how to do it.

Ruta Google Maps sin Internet

  • Put speed at which you are going. Many users missing this feature in the app leader of the maps but Google gave to its users. I recommend it because so you can know what speed you’re going at all times and avoid penalties. Will tell you all the information on the screen without the need to look at anything more.

therefore, if you use Google Maps remember radar sites, set destination, and put speed at which you are going. It is the most basic thing for you go upscale the app of Google Maps ?

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