How to change Nexus 6S Google Pixel? Or you can think of

All the years I have been changing to Nexus, of one to the other, till the appearance of the Pixel and said… enough is enough! Not only because it has not come out in Spain, but because the price is prohibitive (more than an iPhone). It is clear that a company like Google can’t change the essence of their moving from one day to the other, it is not fair to the fans… and this is the main reason that not worth the effort to change Nexus 6S Google Pixel, because it costs more than double and is not the double of good.

nexus 6p

how to Change Nexus 6S Google Pixel worth?

Because only on the basis of that you can’t buy in Spain, we do not recommend at all to buy the Pixel because for your price, Google does not deserve that we applaud what he has done well when we do not agree. To see, that each one can do what you want, but many fans of Nexus in Spain are in agreement with us that they are not going to buy the Pixel or it is worth doing, because Google has broken with the essence of the Nexus (you already broke up with Nexus 6S however).

Because they were the best those times when Google launched Nexus 4 or Nexus 5, the best thing we’ve had on Android. Mobile amazing and cheap for enjoy Android Pure to a reasonable price of 200-300 euros. It’s not eur 1,000!

Not worth paying almost triple per Pixel

So if you ask if you change the top-end of the Nexus 6S by the Google Pixel, really for the price it’s not worth, because if you want the large screen to follow a bit to the line (although low-to 5.5-inch), you’re going to be paying over 1,000 euros, for a terminal that within a few months he will be costing half as was the case with the last Nexus.

it Costs almost 3 times more, and nor is it much better. You’re going to to enjoy Nougat in the Nexus 6S (although an eye, that the battery goes bad from Nougat), and also a good processor, RAM, cameras, storage… trust me, you’re not going to need more, and you’ll be mobile for years (at least two years from now).

Being honest, only I recommend buy the Pixel if you really have money to. But, it’s not worthwhile to spend so much money for a phone that is not much better than Nexus 6P, and don’t offer anything to the other world.

do you Have the Nexus 6S? Are you happy? Do you want the Pixel?

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