How to avoid the duck face in selfies?

Evitar malos selfies

lifting the hand which has not been made selfie this month. Yes, you can self-photos are not the most common thing for some people but it is rare that in any event do not see someone doing it or don’t do it yourself.

The problem of the selfies is that sometimes we go out a lot uglier than in the photo taken with the rear camera and this is due to an effect known as the effect duck face.

Selfie Divertido

How to avoid you to quit duck face in selfies?

duck face is built for 3 different problems, which are summarized in one only. Do you believe that your mobile captures the reality but the camera only captures a image in the plane parallel to to the sensor.

When an image is made to a distance inadequate at times our mobile device is not able to correctly process the photo and with as little angle on the appearance of our nose, our mouth, eyes, etc is exaggerated. Yes, in addition to that, the size of our ears, or the elements that are generated in the background contrasted a lot.

Avoid the duck face, it is horrible

If in addition we have a front camera enhanced with a wide-angle this effect is exaggerated still more, though there is mobile as the Galaxy S7 that allow us to correct the faces and avoid this problem. Now, if you want to avoid the problem there are several guidelines which you must follow, and not fail:

  • Uses the main camera to get a photo.
  • Make someone to capture the photography for you, sometimes any tourist can deliver you a photo of the place or you can even carry a small tripod and make a selfie.
  • In the case that you need a selfie yes or yes, the stick of selfies will allow you to zoom the camera out a lot more and the angle is reduced, the farther the camera, the more natural will be the image.

Now, with a little creativity and ingenuity you can achieve effects very fun and original, that is where it is because it will depend on your ability to compensate for a face unbalanced. Photography is an art that does not have a single technique, they can achieve stunning shots with different planes and approaches, it is something where you never stop to surprise you.

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