How to automatically delete photos from WhatsApp that do not need to?

He perdido la conversación de WhatsApp

There is a feature of iOS that Android users can take the least, in iOS the application WhatsApp does not save the photos in the terminal by default, and with this we save a lot of space.

this is a point in the back for the iOS that sometimes they want to see the photos from WhatsApp and must look them up in the conversations. What’s more normal is that the application of WhatsApp might choose in the Settings what to do with the photos but the truth is that it makes what he think and does not give us the option to be up to us to decide.

Magic Cleaner

How to delete photos from WhatsApp that we don’t need to?

Obviously, deleting all photos from WhatsApp of a coup is easy, we go to the Gallery of our Android device and we will remove the Photos folder from WhatsApp whole but in some cases we may not want to delete photos.

For these cases is the Magic Cleaner, an application that allows us to categorize our pictures from WhatsApp and offer the removal of the same by groups. Magic Cleaner analyzes all your photos of WhatsApp in a matter of minutes (it will upload all photos to their servers and will use recognition technology is very advanced).

once with the photos analyzed Magic Cleaner will show you, on the phone, several sections of photos that you’ll be able to remove all together or deselected according to the selection in. It is normal to categorize the photos in Selfies, Memes, Screenshots, etc, so that you can delete all the photos that you do not need.

With technologies like Deep Learning and Machine Vision this app tells you which photos you should keep and which ones are junk but sometimes you’re not going to want to remove all your memes so you can deselect this option once tagged the photos, and remove just the screen shots and drawings, for example.

note that the application upload all the photos to the network so if you have a slow connection or don’t want to spend the data of your fee it is best that you do it by WiFi. In some cases you may upload all your photos from WhatsApp to an external server does not make you grace, you decide, we’ll show you how it works.

The application works in a simple way, and its goal is to clear all the photos of WhatsApp that you don’t need to keep, it’s up to you to give you or not a good use of it. There are other applications that allow us to clean up the WhatsApp application and can also be useful.

WP-Appbox: Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp (Free, Google Play) →

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