How to add any band of heart rate to your Amazfit Pace or Stratos

Sure that once you have gone through the head if you can add a band of heart rate to your watch Amazfit Pace or Stratos. If this is the case you are in the right place: in this article, you can do so in either of these two watches smart and you only need one requirement.

Before you follow we’ll leave you with a simple tutorial to install watchfaces on your Huami Amazfit Stratos the easy way.

Tutorial to add band heart to the Amazfit Pace and Stratos

The process itself has no mystery and is really easy to do. In the beginning was only available in the Stratos but in one of the last official updates what is added to the Amazfit Pace. The only thing that you need to meet is that the band will work with Bluetooth, if you already have it, continue reading:

  • From the screen with all the sports choose that you want to make.
  • Now, without starting, low, and go into the settings of the activity. once you are within the low to the end and you will see an option that puts “Accessories”.
  • get in it and you will see that it starts to search for Bluetooth devices. find your chest band and make the linkage.
  • ¡you got it! At the start of the activity, your heart rate will come of the band and not the sensor.

We’ve been delighted by how simple it is and that is compatible with the vast majority of devices. In my case I tried it with a Polar H7 and everything went wonderfully… except for one small detail.

The battery consumption is higher than expected and I was very close to staying with the clock off. For this reason we recommend that you always upload the watch before you do the sport. Also we’ll leave you with some tips on how to last longer the battery in your watch Xiaomi.

I Also invite you to leave us your opinion in the comments section. have You been able to use your heart rate strap with your watch Amazfit? What has worked well or you think that you still need to improve this tool more?

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