How to activate the gloves in Android to take care of the cold winter

During the winter it is normal that all use gloves to try to deal with the low temperatures. At times, this can become an impediment to use the smartphone. However, Android-9 Foot has a way to gloves that increases the sensitivity of the screen , so you can use the phone without problems. – Today we’ll explain how to use!

After you know the way gloves, you will not have to take the protection of your hands to use your mobile. Your fingers will never be cold when you need to do something on your smartphone.

mode Active gloves on your Android to take care of the cold

it Is necessary to emphasize that the way gloves is not available for all the terminals. In the same way, we’ll explain how to turn it on in the event that your mobile phone has this function.

  • Go to the Settings of the mobile.
  • Use the search engine and write “mode gloves”.
  • If there is no result, it means that your mobile doesn’t have this function.
  • In the case of you appears, just slide the button to activate the gloves and ready.

As you see, it is a simple process when your mobile phone has this feature enabled. In a few seconds you will be able to use your smartphone without having to remove your gloves to protect you against the cold.

Another way to activate it in Android 9 Foot is by clicking on the tab Settings, clicked Intelligent Assistance and activating the mode gloves found at the end. It should be noted that the terminal screen will now be much more sensitive to objects, so take precautions if necessary.

In the event that your phone is missing this feature and don’t want to be in the cold weather, we recommend that you look at these gloves for typing on the touch screen of your mobile.

And you, what are you waiting for to activate the gloves?

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