How Quick Charge 2.0? Works

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One of the biggest problems facing smartphones and tablets today is, without doubt, the battery. Who has not happened, without eating or drinking, meets his device without battery? sure everyone, why Qualcomm decided to implement in their chipset a new feature called Quick Charge 2.0 that, in short, load our device in half the time, but how this technology works?

This technology works in two parts, ie, we must consider two factors, which are the power adapter and the device itself . On the one hand, the adapter that charge the phone has to have this built-in technology and therefore our terminal must necessarily have this new feature enabled on your processor Qualcomm, since one does not work without the other although it will point out later.

First of all is the adapter, you might call “intelligent device” because is the same adapter that detects what is the maximum voltage that our device needs to be loaded . Generally, all mobile terminals are loaded with five volts, but Quick Charge 2.0 allows sending nine volt , ie almost twice the normal voltage, which makes our smartphone is loaded almost twice as fast.

Representación gráfica de Quick Charge 2.0

So we think that if your phone does not have the Quick Charge 2.0 technology implemented is going to fry the battery, but it’s actually the opposite. The adapter detects if your terminal can receive nine volt instead of five, and if the event our smartphone does not have this technology be given, as is the case with my LG G3 instead nine commands us to send five volts , so there is no problem whatsoever.

To summarize, and to go running this article, we conclude that the telcos and components are aware that the battery is a problem to solve, but while finding the solution have a faster charger You can help us get by . Of course, this technology is new and is only present in some devices like the HTC One (M8), but estimates will be coming increasingly terminals , so if you are purchasing thinking charger Quick Charge 2.0, do not hesitate to do so because you can use on any phone, use this technology or not.

What do you think of this technology? Does your device have?

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