How is the new Sony RX100 III

The popular series Cyber-shot RX100 from Sony gets a new member, returns to bet on a Total portability without sacrificing high-quality images. Want to know how the new RX 100 III ?, provides professional quality in your pocket, plus many other benefits chambers large and tall.

cómo es la nueva Sony RX100 III

Being made entirely aluminum design is fantastic, in addition to a unique lightness. Designed on the basis of its predecessor, introducing a number of improvements as their developed lenses and fast image processor, complemented with a retractable OLED Tru-Finder with ZEISS T. coverage also features improved video and versatile tilt LCD screen 180 degrees. All these features in a fixed lens camera that fits in a pocket and has a beautiful appearance, allowing us to know how is the new Sony RX100 III.

Features of the new Sony RX100 III

cómo es la nueva Sony RX100 III

Some functions in the New Sony RX100 III outstanding are:

-More bright and edgy than before the lens Zeiss Vario Sonnar T 24-70mm F1.8-2.8 to new Sony RX100 III is ideal for all types of hunting, from a great landscape to portrait full of emotion. Thanks to the large aperture F2.8 telephoto lens in its extreme, sharp objects displayed on a smooth background blur (bokeh). Amazing power of this lens to capture light also makes it faster shutter speeds to freeze fast-moving objects. The embedded neutral density filter of three steps (1/8) offers even more creative flexibility outdoors in sunlight or water images intentionally blurred motion.

-Another awaited new to know how is the new Sony RX100 III said retractable OLED Tru-Finder High Contrast, with a bright, detailed view with the camera held at eye level. The optical surface of the screen contains a coverage ZEISS T drastically reduces glare and provides exceptional clarity from one end to another. It also has a useful eye sensor automatically switches between the viewfinder and screen.

-The sensor CMOS Exmor R backlit 20.1 1.0 megapixel type Effective The new Sony RX100 III makes Full HD photos and videos full of detail and good sharpness and clarity. Much larger than the sensor of conventional compact cameras, is key to achieving spectacular photos and videos with delicious background blur effects.

cómo es la nueva Sony RX100 III

-The sensor complements its excellent sensitivity in low light and low noise with the latest generation of Sony image processors BIONZ X . Three times faster than its predecessor, the sensor that defines how is the new Sony RX100 III power technology to display detail naturally finer textures, while reducing technology diffractions improves quality using small openings and reduce noise in specific areas maintain clarity in dark images taken indoors or in shadow areas.

-The fast processor BIONZ X of new Sony RX100 III also introduces interesting video features. Thus new Sony RX100 III introduces format XAVC S high efficiency as recorded spectacular videos Full HD up to 50Mbps with minimal artifacts noise, even in scenes charged and busy . Recording can be done 100 fps in XAVC S mode to achieve a silky slow motion through a program like Sony PlayMemories Home.

-for his part, Smart Active mode by new Sony RX100 III minimizes the effects of camera shake. The frame analysis technology and 5-axis stabilization combine for the first time in the series RX100 , to further ensure stable recording even though recorded while walking.

cómo es la nueva Sony RX100 III

-The output photographs 4K recently added and decide how is the new Sony RX100 III allows you to view your images on TV 4K. The high resolution images can be transferred via HDMI or Wi-Fi support TRILUMINOS Colour ensures incredible tones and textures on compatible BRAVIA TV.

-A despite its small size, the camera new Sony RX100 III inherits many features of professional camcorders brand. It has a clean HDMI output, to record Full HD recording on an external recorder. The pattern ‘Zebra’ LCD and viewfinder helps to identify areas of greatest brightness of a scene, and dual recording video store while small files in the format MP4 together with files high quality AVCHD / XAVC S.

-The lovers self-portraits or ‘selfies’ will welcome Xtra Fine LCD 3-inch articulated the new Sony RX100 III now emerging 180 ° to single portraits at arm’s length, and is also very useful when shooting in low or high positions.

cómo es la nueva Sony RX100 III

-Making its debut in this new series, PlayMemories Camera Apps only complete features in this device to find out How is Sony RX100 III , shoot your photographic experience with a growing reputation my free and paid. Now it’s easy to enhance your photos with a collection of creative effects and filters, tools and others, as well as connectivity with integrated NFC / WiFi ensure greater comfort for the user.

enthusiasts will appreciate the new possibilities for manual control to get the perfect picture. These functions can be assigned to Custom Sony RX100 III button or control wheel to fit your personal style. Ring of control and function button is also adapted for easy access to the most used options.

You you knew how is the new Sony RX100 III , what do you think?

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