How do you organize your day with Android? I tell you how I do

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Our day to day, for some people stronger than others, makes it more or less extresante and, above all, makes use more or less technological products.

For technology lovers, like myself, are not satisfied with a simple yes use Clock, alarm clock that old life that you liked you or the bed of a scare, or deafened you (or both in the worst case) – if we use our devices as smartphones tablets bracelets or even wake up and, even better, to have our day

While I was thinking about what it would be today without my Android phone or not, it crossed my mind that Android organized every day my life in a precise manner. Therefore, I will tell you which applications are essential in my day to day to get organized when .

Good morning “New York”

The title may sound the alarm but typical American, as expected, use my smartphone as an alarm clock. The application is Timely use the alarm clock that Google acquired in January 2014. Timely is one of the best alarm clocks that can be found in the shop Google and the truth is that I have since leaving her .

The function of night mode means you can glimpse in the dark to the application and the alarm you have set for the next day. Moreover, creating alarm is very simple and convenient. Just choose the time and days to use and configure if you want to use smart rise or not. Smart rise is a function that wakes you up half an hour before original alarm with soft music so you do not startled or with too much sleep if you wake up, I’ve tried and operation. My trick is to put the general alarm half an hour after waking up when I want using smart wake and rise to one hundred percent.

Google Play | Timely, Clock (Free)

On the way to work

to drive to work, there is nothing better than starting the day with some music, either on the radio or that you have saved. Unfortunately, my car (former) will not allow me to listen to music, therefore use my phone, previously set up and then leave it on the way in the drive tray, with applications to listen música.Las that I use is Tune in Radio and YouTube . With Tune in, I hear any radio that is on the Internet . Your comfort is amazing. Just pull out your application and radio incia quickly (the last time heard). If I want a particular song, use YouTube thanks to the mixes of more than 50 songs depending on who you listen to, it remains in auto play while I’m driving. If not, I think some music list previously active.

Although many of you may wonder ¿Youtube spend much data ?. Yes, to lie. Use more YouTube because I have a data rate quite large, namely Telstra infinite which allows me to listen to songs on YouTube without any problem.

aplicaciones para organizar tu dia a dia

Google Play | Tune In Radio (Free) (Free)

Organization at work

My apps for work are many. To begin, my efforts do them through Wunderlist . I configured my company and to assign tasks and, in a very simple way, I organized the outstanding work performed . However, only use Wunderlist for the company because I personally prefer other management applications.

For publications, use Trello , an application that I am aware of what items are being carried my fellow andro4all and with which I can assign my publications rápida.Otra way management application, it would be Google Calendar, but only use it for a specific event you want to remember.

Google Play | Wunderlist, To Do List (Free)

Google Play | Trello (Free)

Finally, as email manager, my favorite is Inbox . This mailer is quite clear (thanks to its simple interface material design ) which makes it possible, by simply clicking on an icon, archive your day, week or month.
Much easier is the fact of creating an email to an acquaintance, since keeping contacts with the most write by clicking on the “+” icon.

Google Play | Inbox, mail client (Free)

Talk to my social circle is important

both work and family and friends, talking is important. I have basically two applications installed that use daily. WhatsApp and Telegram -which has been updated to version 3.2.3-. WhatsApp use just to talk to friends and acquaintances Telegram for work (although for me it would be this last forever). With Telegram, I can talk to my coworkers and plan my future work and chores while with WhatsApp simply limit myself to talk informally me. we say that one is for work and the other is for friends and family.

Note also that the very use desktop applications and web Telegram WhatsApp, making me save you some time.

utilidad para android aplicaciones

Google Play | WhatsApp (Free)

Google Play | Telegram (Free)

Leisure, not least

There is time for everything, and it is among leisure. Essential for me is to be attached to my Chromecast device. Therefore, the application of Chromecast is of most use to send content from YouTube, Animes and data to the TV. Chruchynroll for the picture Twitch event of electronic sports (now easier thanks to the update that introduced notifications streams ) or YouTube videos are generally three applications they use .

We can not forget the use of Yomvi to watch TV Movistar + when I’m boring or want to see a number on the mobile because, thanks to the connection of wide data that I have, I will have no problem in view this type of content as long as you like.

Google Play | Crunchyroll (Free)

Google Play | Twitch (Free)

Google Play | Yomvi (Free)


So I can spend my day, together with my Android device, thanks to its functions, manages my tasks in an efficient and agile.
Some may think that is obsession, others, you will do the same as me but the important thing is that were it not for my Android device forget many things or simply would have to carry a calendar, an alarm clock and stereo . Absurd, right ?, and if you can do in an entire device.

But yes, in my free time, walking or using my Windows computer are very important (also must know how to disconnect).

The truth is I’m very happy to have an Android device with me.

Do you also organize you with Android?

And you do you think? How to organize them stop by your day with Android? I tell you how I do it to make your mark.

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