How do you know which apps have beta version on Android?

Many times we install apps, but we don’t have the versions in test apps, but the stable version or just the last that we’ve updated… but whatHow to know which apps have beta version in Android? Today I have a fantastic app that allows you to know.

This is useful to not have to go looking for them one by one. Because as you know, both on Facebook like WhatsApp have beta. Simply pick up your phone, enter in the Play Store, and searching for the various apps, enter, subscribe to the beta wait a few minutes and it’s ready. Since that time, there will always be betas, that is to say, every day or every few days a new version in testing, and exclusive to the beta testers. But this you’ll be able to do so for many other apps that you do not know that they have program beta.

Probar la beta de Google Search

to Know which apps have beta version in Android

Today we’ll talk about an application that allows you to do this and more and that you’ll be able to download it from the Play Store. This app will tell you if the apps that you have installed in your smartphone you have a beta version, so that we can try it. You’ll be able to know him at the time, without having to go looking you one by one.

But you need 2 apps: Tasker and Autotools beta.

These are the steps to continue:

  • Download Find Betas Tasker and save it in the internal memory of the mobile.
  • Download the app from Tasker, install it and then disables the mode to “novice” or “beginner”.

WP-Appbox: Tasker ($2.99, Google Play) →

  • Matter the script you downloaded in point 1.
  • sign in Autotools, with the Google account.
  • Enters in the configuration of Autotools, and logs.
  • Now press “Play”.

From this moment, you will see a list of all the installed apps that have beta version available. It’s great without a doubt. You’ll be able to download them all.

The only bad point, is that the app Tasker does it cost 2,99 euros. But it is worth it.

This is intended for beta testers

If you give the same test versions this is not for you. But if you can’t live without knowing it all… you’ll love try it now. Because not only you can be a beta tester for apps like WhasApp or Facebook, but the one you want. Sure, you can help the developers and to discover new things before anyone else.

What have you tried? What do you think?

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